When it comes to Johnny Depp, he always seems to be in the news. The guy is constantly threatening paparazzi, dating a high profile woman, sexting girls outside of his marriage, or doing something else particularly newsworthy.

From his iconic start in a Wes Craven flick to starring in a Harry Potter film, here are some important events along this quirky actor’s timeline. 

1984 – Ballpoint Pens, Nick Cage, and Nightmare on Elm Street

Before Depp became the household name that he’s become today, he was selling ballpoint pens while trying to make it in a boy band. While baby-faced Depp could have fit well in a one-direction-style band, I think we’re all thankful he met Nick Cage who hooked him up with an agent who got him his iconic role in Nightmare on Elm Street. 

1990 – Winona Forever

The early nineties were a great time for Depp-heads as he filmed some of his most iconic movies and – who could forget – dated Winona Ryder. This year he filmed the famous John Waters’ film “Cry Baby” and starred in “Edward Scissorhands” alongside his boo.

The relationship didn’t last, but they’ll always be an iconic ’90s couple. 

1993 – The Viper Room

Instead of just focusing on the movie biz, Depp decided that owning a club would be a great idea. This further allowed him to be surrounded by paps and celebs alike.

However, scandal struck when River Pheonix overdosed outside The Viper Room while his brother watched him die as he called 911. 

1994 – Armadillo?

Depp has been known to be a difficult artist type. However, no one expected Edward Scissorhands to go crazy on a hotel room (at least intentionally).

After destroying a hotel room he claimed that an Armadillo was at fault and not him… however, that armadillo was never found. 

1999 – PLANK!

This is a man who values his privacy, however being one of the hottest stars of the past decade the paps didn’t see a reason to leave him alone… untill he thereatened them with a plank of wood. 

2007 – Great Ormond Street Hospital

Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose ended up in the hospital after being infected with E. Coli. The infection could have killed her if not for the staff at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. However, the staff saved her life.

To thank the hospital, Depp donated two million dollars and showed up as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow to entertain the patients in the hospital. 

2013 – The Trouble with Amber Heard

After his split with the mother of his children – which was very amicable and they remain friendly – Depp started dating Amber Heard whom he then married. 

2016 – Divorce and restraining orders

Their relationship was tumultulous and ended in a divorce and some serious accusations. Heard claimed that Depp beat her and was a violent spouse! 

Now – More Lawsuits and Defamation

Now that the divorce is finalized, Depp, as well as his representation, are coming out and accusing Heard of being the violent one in the relationship. They’re also taking legal action against a publication for calling Depp a “wife-beater.” 

While nothing has been finalized in court, Depp and his representation have put forth some pretty convincing information. We’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds!