From USA Today, 11.14.2000

In Hollywood, a well-known name is power. Trade publication The Hollywood Reporter today ranks more than 800 film directors based on bankability — the ability to draw financial backing (and moviegoers) based on the director’s name alone.

The top 10:

1 Steven Spielberg (Jurassic ParkSaving Private RyanE.T.Raiders of the Lost Ark)

2 James Cameron (TitanicTerminator)

3 George Lucas (Star WarsAmerican Graffiti)

4 Ron Howard (Apollo 13How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

5 Tim Burton (BatmanEdward Scissorhands)

6 Martin Scorsese (Raging BullGoodFellas)

7 John Woo (Face/OffMission: Impossible 2)

8 Ridley Scott (Blade RunnerGladiator)

9 Robert Zemeckis (Back to the FutureForrest Gump)

10 Michael Bay (The RockArmageddon)