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7 Reasons Why You Should Try Facebook’s New Dating App


What better way to online date than on an app that already knows pretty much everything about you?

Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound like the best idea, but it would make for better online dating. If you’re still on Tinder, or have gotten tired of the app and deleted it, you should consider switching to Facebook Dating, the social network app’s newest feature that is currently being tested in Colombia. Whether you’re into dating apps or not, Facebook Dating actually looks promising enough to add to your rotation of dating apps.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider getting on board with Facebook Dating.  And while they may never corner the casual dating find n fuck market, chances are the Facebook will be dominating the mainstream dating space very soon.

You won’t have to download another app

The great thing about Facebook Dating is that it’s integrated into the Facebook app itself but still has its separate features. We’re all picky with what takes up our phone space, and for some, a dating app isn’t worth it. Or maybe you already have enough and don’t really feel like trying out a new app, but with Facebook Dating, chances are you probably already have Facebook downloaded.

There’s no ads or paid subscription

The best things in life come free, and that’s what Facebook Dating is — free. You don’t have to pay to use Facebook, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t be charged for their dating service, considering they’re making it a part of their app. While most dating apps charge you extra for premium subscriptions and locked features, Facebook Dating won’t. At least for the time being, Facebook doesn’t plan on charging you a dime for their dating feature, and won’t place any ads throughout your use.

Make decisions based off more than a profile picture

I think that we can agree that at first glance, most dating profiles are superficial. Until you match and get to message them, you only seeing their best pictures of themselves and minor details about the complex person inside you could potentially date. On Facebook, you tell more about yourself than anywhere else. The goal of Facebook Dating is to make you consider the person behind the profile instead of impulsively swiping through everyone.

It’s stalker-and-dick-pick-proof

Ever stop messaging someone or unmatch with them, only to have a follow request from them on Instagram the next day? Or match with someone, they message you, and now you realize you’re actually not interested, and never respond to their message, and now they won’t leave you alone?

Facebook Dating wants to prevent that by making it impossible to follow up with people who don’t respond to you. That means you can finally ghost people in peace (ahh). Also, they’ve made it so that you can’t send pictures through your messages at first, so no one will try sliding in your messages with a dick pic asking if you like what you see (or no text at all).

You won’t be matched with people you wouldn’t want to

You never have to worry about someone you blocked on Facebook popping up in your matches. Or even your friends for that matter. If you’re concerned with everyone you’re friends with on Facebook finding your dating profile, that won’t happen. A big reason for why people stay away from dating apps is ’cause they don’t want their friends and families to find their profile.

On Facebook Dating, you’ll only receive matches from friends-of-friends or strangers (people you aren’t friends, or don’t have any mutual friends, with), because they assume you know if you’d want to date one of your Facebook friends or not. You also have a totally separate profile for Facebook Dating than your original Facebook account, and only people on Facebook Dating can see that you have one.

More accurate matches

The biggest indicator for a match on most dating apps is if you’re in the same location. But it’s not like you want to date just anyone in your area, and the whole reason you’re on a dating app in the first place is to check out people you don’t already know in your area. All the data Facebook collects on you will finally be put to good use — finding you a girlfriend/boyfriend!

Less cringey pick-up lines and first messages

When creating your profile, you can answer up to 20 personality questions, and when someone first messages you, they are supposed to pick one of your answers as a conversation-starter. If you decide you want to talk to them, you can respond and keep in contact with them, but if not, just don’t respond and their profile will be ridden from your messages. I personally think this is a better tool than swiping right to match with somebody based off their looks.

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These 3 Easy Steps Will Get You the Hottest Teens Imaginable


Coming up with a fool-proof plan to sleep with hot teen girls is no easy feat. However, I have turned what was once viewed as a miracle into an exact science. Take notes.

  1. Getting Online

    The internet has changed a lot in the past few years. There’s now a site for every desire you could have. Some sites help young single people meet each other, like Tinder. There are sites like SeekingArrangment that allow older men to meet younger women who are interested in dating older men who can provide for them.

    This is where we have to make a choice. Are you an older man looking for younger women, or are you a younger man looking for young women? This is important because it totally changes your approach towards these women.  If you’re simply looking to bang local naked teens, then using a dedicated teen dating app might be the better route.

    If you’re an older guy looking for the excitement of a young hottie than look no further than SeekingArrangment. It’s a site that lets people from different age groups connect, go out to dinner, get to know each other, etc. Sometimes gifts are involved. You know, just little presents that you’d want to get your significant other to let them know they mean a lot to you, nothing special.

  2. Social Media Slam Dunk

    If you’re a younger man looking for younger women, then look no further than Instagram. Yes, that’s right. It’s been right in front of you this whole time. It might seem like it’s impossible to get women on sites like these without being a crazy juiced guy with a hundred tattoos but I can assure you, it’s possible.

    It just takes a little know-how and perseverance. First, focus on your pictures. Try to fill your profile with photos of yourself in social situations like hiking with friends, attending a concert or festival, even going out to party.

    Just try not to be obnoxious about it. Nobody wants to see a feed full of repetitive pictures and long-winded captions. Keep it short and simple. Post a picture of your dog every once in a while too. It helps girls see the side of you that is kind and gentle. after all, it’s provocative. It gets the hotties flowin’!

  3. Dating Apps

    Your Tinder profile should accomplish the same goals as your Instagram with a different kind of attention to detail. Girls are always on the site to find hot guys to meet up with, so you’re going to need to impress.

    Don’t put any more than one selfie on your page. That’s rule #1. Include a picture(s) of your dog for sure, but not too many; otherwise it might seem like you hate the way you look and would rather show off your dog.

    Be confident and prove you can be a social guy. Make your bio something clever and short so the teen girls know you’re mature and impressive. Don’t write out your theory about human existence though. The last thing you want to do is make it seem like you just spent 2 hours making a Tinder profile.

    Above all else, just take it easy and play it cool. A guy who takes Tinder too seriously has the potential to ruin his chances with any girl.

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