(Tim Burton)

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! If you couldn’t already tell by just briefly looking at my blog, Tim Burton is my favorite producer. I have grown up watching his movies and have loved every single one of them. My favorite movie of his would have to be Coraline. If you haven’t heard of this movie before, it is about a little cartoon girl who moves to a new house that has a door that goes into another world. This world is supposed to portray her ideal world but there is a twist to it. You definitely have to watch it! I think that Tim Burton is a genius and has a theory to his madness. If you look at all his movies they add up to one big storyline which I think is amazing. It makes the movies just that much better when they all tie in together. If you haven’t seen much of Tim Burton’s work, I would highly recommend you take a day to try and watch all his movies. You won’t be disappointed!